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There was a woman in a steel-built city who had all that money could buy, she had gold and dividends and trains and houses, and she had pets to play with, but she had no sphinx.

So she besought them to bring her a live sphinx; and therefore they went to the menageries, and then to the forests and the desert places, and yet could find no sphinx.

And she would have been content with a little lion but that one was already owned by a woman she knew; so they had to search the world again for a sphinx.

And still there was none.

But they were not men that it is easy to baffle, and at last they found a sphinx in a desert at evening watching a ruined temple whose gods she had eaten hundreds of years ago when her hunger was on her. And they cast chains on her, who was still with an ominous stillness, and took her westwards with them and brought her home.

And so the sphinx came to the steel-built city.

And the woman was very glad that she owned a sphinx: but the sphinx stared long into her eyes one day, and softly asked a riddle of the woman.

And the woman could not answer, and she died.

And the sphinx is silent again and none knows what she will do.

The Sphinx in Thebes (Massachusetts) “ from the Fifty- One Tales by Lord Dunsany, 1915

Domestic affairs (1) and death (2)

The Ngombo
“shaking up the divination basket” in the language of the Chokwe People of Central Africa.
A divinatory microcosm of life.

a table balancing on the sound of disbelief

The Depth boys
the subterranean operators of public relations companies. the advertising boys. the real good advertising boys. the chthonic deities.

The end of the affaire
is the end of the affaire

You and I are earth
– mineral supplements which are also the contents of a mountain and a coral reef

Medoc with 27 sleeping pills